Mouseflow vs Inspectlet

If you are starting out in behavior analytics, and you are looking for a tool that does A/B testing, then Inspectlet could be the choice for you. However, as you get more experience and skills, you will quickly outgrow it as it doesn't offer as much information regarding visitors information outside the basics.

With Mouseflow, you get access to all of our features without paying a premium, including funnels, form analytics, feedback campaigns, advanced filtering across all features and our Friction score and events automatic tagging. You also get access to our highly regarded support team to answer any questions you might have in your journey.

There are few other differences that are presented on this page. Read through and find out which platform works best for you.

6 types of heat mapsMovement, click and scroll
Advanced filtering across all features
Customizable dashboards
Free, full-featured, 14-day trial
Support 24/7
Feedback campaigns

How Mouseflow compares to Inspectlet


Recording all user sessions right out-of-the box, no further setup required
Recording all users, no sampling
Automatic usability friction detectionClick-rage, click-error, failed submit, bounce, speed-browsing, mouse-out, mobility, custom friction eventsRage-clicks, JS errors
Break down of the recording with time spent on each page
Powerful filtering with custom variables
UTM filteringAll UTM parametersOnly keyword or term parameter
Downloading session recordingsNot on free plan


All pages, no set up required
Live heat maps covering dynamic elements like SPAs, drop down menus, sliders and others
Geo heatmaps (user location heatmaps)
Attention heatmaps
Advanced filtering (friction score, friction events, custom variables and more)
Time filtering
Scroll, click & movement
10+ contextual click information data points


Ready out of the box after setup
Populating forms with previously collected data
Populating funnels with previously collected data
Filtering (utm tags, devices, locations and more)
Time filtering


Paid plans storage3 months and up1 month and up
JS error tracking
Custom dashboards
Phone support
Custom development
Multiple websites per plan
Shadow DOM support
Chat support

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