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6 types of heatmaps
Click heatmaps

Visualize engagement with elements. Get a detailed overview of interactions.

An online shop showcasing the Mouseflow click heatmap and the detection of amount of clicks, click-rage, and click-error.
6 types of heatmaps
Movement heatmaps

Know what stands out to your visitors and causes interest.

A screen with a heatmap of movement of users on that page.
6 types of heatmaps
Scroll heatmaps

Figure out where you’re losing user attention

A screen with a heatmap in a colour-gradient going from warm to cold colours in addition to percentages shown across the screen representing how many users scroll to that point.
6 types of heatmaps
Attention heatmaps

See what stands out to your visitors

A screen with a heatmap in a colour-gradient going from warm to cold colours and a box showcasing attention insights such as the amount of users who viewed an area of the page, their average time and engagement.
Six types of heatmaps
Live Heatmaps

Assess the performance of dynamic elements like drop-down menus, carousels, filters, and etc.

An online store's website with an image slider indicating that with the live heatmap you can get insights about dynamic content on your page.
6 types of heatmaps
Geo heatmaps

Verify the location of your audience and see how user behavior changes with the region.

A word map with a heatmap overlay together with a box indicating which countries a website's users come from in numbers and percentages.
An example of how you can filter in your users based on how much friction they experience on your website along with the click-heatmap highlighting areas of your page that leads to click-rage and click-errors.
Faster insights with Friction Score
Focus on most impactful improvements

Thousands of users, hundreds of pages, months of data — where do you start? Mouseflow automatically detects user friction so you can prioritize the costliest obstacles first.

Then, dive in and analyze the heatmaps with the most impact.

Go beyond a page
See how each page impacts the user journey

Understand at what point users change their minds and don’t take expected actions.

Watch session recordings of people who didn’t complete the journey and get insights on what impacted them.

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Marek Rynski
Product Owner Bosch Siemens

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