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Announcing a New Major Feature to Mouseflow: User Feedback

Today, I’m excited to announce that we’re adding a major new feature to Mouseflow: User Feedback!

This long-anticipated feature completes the Mouseflow suite of UX enhancement tools and provides a unique way to understand visitor behavior on your website — from the visitor’s perspective. Combined with session replay, clients can now track the complete user journey with the added context of user feedback.

This feature will revolutionize your use of Mouseflow analytics. Let me explain…

The key to successful UX and conversion rate optimization is to identify what causes user hesitation. Steve Krug, author of “Don’t Make Me Think!”, states that a website should always be crystal clear to the visitor in terms of what action to take next. The moment a user starts thinking “Can I click this item?” or “Where is the checkout button?”, you’re causing friction and leaving money on the table.

Once you address the low-hanging fruit like unclickable elements, JavaScript errors, and calls-to-action positioned far below the fold, how do you identify users that are still having issues on your website? Mouseflow provides a wealth of filters you can use to narrow down the list. However, once you identify those users, it’s often too late. What if you could jump in and proactively ask users if they need help? This is the aim of User Feedback.

Feedback has two significant advantages. First, it informs users that you care about their experience. If they’re encountering issues, it tells users you want to help. Secondly, it provides the site administrator with increased information & enriched analytics to properly address any errors in the user experience. This feature allows users to re-watch actual sessions that lead up to the feedback (positive or negative) and make razor-sharp, segmented reports based on the underlying feedback to make faster, better informed decisions.

Feedback campaigns can be customized with multiple steps, specific audience types, skip logic, various input types. Additionally, it is compatible on both desktop and mobile. The administrator can program pre-built triggers (such as inactivity or scroll based) or you can trigger it programmatically via our JavaScript API.

So, go ahead and set up your first Feedback campaign today!

We’re eager to hear what you think! Additionally, we’re working on lots of enhancements so feel free to leave your thoughts (or your own Feedback stories) in the comments below and help us shape this awesome feature of Mouseflow.

Happy Analyzing,

Lasse Schou
Founder & CEO