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Using Mouseflow’s Geo Heatmap to Recapture Leads and Boost Sales

Many professional marketers, both working freelance and for large corporations, utilize a secret marketing tool to identify potential customers, recapture leads, and increase sales.

The secret is Mouseflow’s Geo Heatmap. In very simple terms, the Geo Heatmap aggregates visitor data and illustrates it on a map. From the features dashboard, the Geo Heatmap feature can be found under the heatmaps toggle (see below):

Like Mouseflow’s other heatmaps, the Geo Heatmap is used to identify and present patterns in visitor behavior. However, the Geo Heatmap reveals a different type of pattern: the actual location of users visiting your website.For many e-commerce managers, this secret tool can help you identify customers, retarget lost clients, and ultimately boost your sales.

Sooo…how how does this actually work?!

First, click on the mini filter (funnel) icon on the top right/blue bar section.

Doing so will drop down a detailed and expansive list of filters options. You can filter by visitor browser, operating system, device type, page count, resolution, tags, exit page, and more. For this example, let’s say we want to see identify all desktop customers who exited on my product’s pricing page.

Select the necessary filters, including the time frame in the top right, and click apply.

What you see now is a geographical heatmap of all desktop visitors who left the pricing page. The clients were interested in the product, so interested that they proceeded to inquire on the pricing of the product.

As a marketer, you want to recover as many of those lost leads as possible. Let’s take a deeper look at the data…

Use the scroll on your mouse to zoom in and out. The red indicates areas of high concentration. As seen below, I’m zoomed in on the UK — and London appears to be a hot spot.

But let’s zoom in a little further.

Based on the red hotspots, areas around Westminster contain a high concentration of desktop users who exited on the pricing page. This data provides the precise location of credible sales leads. As a marketer, this can be incredibly valuable information.

Marketers can utilize the Geo Heatmap data to launch highly targeted Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn campaigns on specific locations to recapture those valuable client leads. It might be that a Westminster client is scrolling through Facebook, sees an ad for your product, and is reminded of the value that you provide — leading to a sale.

This is the tool your competitors don’t want you to know about. Don’t be left behind! If you haven’t signed up for a Mouseflow account, you can do so for free here: