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Introducing Friction Score on Heatmaps!

Our team is excited to announce a new feature in Mouseflow: Friction Score on Heatmaps!

This is a number that indicates the level of user frustration on each page of your website. You can use it along with the rest of your page metrics to identify which pages need your immediate attention.

Friction score will help you to:

  • Diagnose pages that cause higher levels of visitor frustration
  • Prioritize which pages need your attention first and which ones can wait
  • Optimize your site with pinpoint accuracy — tackle specific pages actively causing visitors to drop out or fail to convert
  • Track and assess friction trends over time and throughout redesigns

This feature is live now and can be viewed as an additional column under the “Heatmaps” tab.

The score is relative to each website and calculated on a variety of data points/heuristics. A high score for one website may be a low score for another. We compare actual vs. expected patterns in behavior like clicks, movement, failed form submits, code errors, bounces, load time, signs of fatigue, your own custom inputs, and much more.

To learn more or add your own custom criteria to Friction Score, take a look at this article.

Ready to try it? Log in to Mouseflow, open your website, and click “Heatmaps”.

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