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A session replay tool is the perfect complement to Google Analytics

Over the last several years, visual analytics tools have been picking up steam. Tools that provide raw data about your website’s statistics (like Google AnalyticsAdobe Analytics, etc) are valuable for measuring success, identifying weaknesses, and optimizing marketing budgets. If you aren’t familiar with Google Analytics, check out this helpful tutorial for beginners:

These tools reveal the numbers. They provide you the hard data. However, they only provide one side of the equation.

They don’t reveal the people behind the numbers. And session replay tools are the other half to the equation.

Google Analytics may tell you that a large amount of visitors are bouncing at a high rate from a key landing page on your website. But why are they bouncing? Are your visitors experiencing an error or are they confused?

Google Analytics may tell you the number of successful purchases or sign-ups you had in a certain month. But what happened to the users who didn’t successfully convert? Why didn’t they convert?

Google Analytics may tell you that a paid funnel is producing a positive return on investment for your company. But how can you optimize it even further? Are there website changes you can make to increase your return on investment?

Google Analytics + Session Replay Tool = Data & People behind the data

There are two halves to the heart of analytics: the numbers and then the people behind the numbers. Identifying why visitors act the way they are and why they may (or might not be) taking the action to purchase or sign-up is the end result of a session replay tool. Google Analytics will not show you how users are behaving on your website — a session replay tool provides an actual video of users on your website: where they click, scroll, hover, and focus their attention. Test out an example recording here.

Most session replay tools also provide heatmaps of your web pages, showing where users click, move, scroll, and focus their attention.

The goals of a session replay tool are to:

  • Increase positive visitor experiences on your website
  • Reduce the chances of a negative visitor experience
  • Boost conversions (purchases, sign-ups, etc)
  • Aid your marketing/design teams in website re-designs
  • Measure funnel production
  • Optimize forms across your website (contact, sign-up, purchase, etc)
  • Acquire visitor feedback & implement improvements across your website

Session replay tools like Mouseflow are not designed to replace Google Analytics. In fact, they’re meant to be used in combination with each other. They each provide valuable data in order to be better understand how visitors are behaving on your website.

For a full feature breakdown of a session replay tool, follow this link.

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