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Improve your site with our Automatic Error Tracking. (Video Post)

In this 2 minute video, our lead UX designer Caspar Reece will tell you how we at Mouseflow use Friction Scores to identify issues, improve usability, and increase conversions across our sites.



How it works

Mouseflows Friction feature is a potent tool that utilizes our machine learning algorithms to identify errors and friction points on your site automatically. Using this you can:

Drive Strategy by

  • Diagnosing pages that cause higher levels of visitor frustration
  • Prioritizing what pages need your attention first and what pages can wait

Improve Usability and Conversions

  • Optimizing your site with pinpoint accuracy – tackle specific pages actively causing visitors to drop out or fail to convert
  • Tracking and assessing friction trends over time and throughout redesigns

If you want to get more information about how you can use Friction to gain insights and improve your site, please see our articles on how Friction integrates with our heatmaps and recordings, and feel free to take a “peek under the hood”.