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Case Study: Mouseflow Identifies 13 Fraudulent Orders Worth More Than $2000+

Imagine you run a small business, primarily online. Every sale is critical and it’s painful leaving money on the table. It’s vital that you capture as many leads as possible and ensure a smooth conversion process. However, when individuals purposely attempt to circumvent your system and steal your goods, it can be a nightmare for small business owners.

About the Company

Esource Parts, an electronic parts distributor based out of Ontario, has been in business since 2009. Primarily an online business, Esource Parts sells thousands of electronics to private individuals, large vendors, and shops. From cell phone parts, to computers, to consoles -- Esource Parts sells it all.

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Key Insights About Customer-First Marketing from 2,400 Customers

This week, MarketingSherpa released a 55-page customer-first marketing research study based on findings from surveying over 2,400 customers.

The report provides insights on:

  • What contributes most to a customer’s satisfaction with a company
  • Which advertising channels customers trust most when making a purchasing decision 
  • What the top reasons customers unsubscribe from emails, block online ads and delete apps are

Since Mouseflow’s primary objective is to allow its customers to see a visitor’s behavior in order to fix pain points and essentially help your company be more customer first, we wanted to share it with you.

Marketing Sherpa Study

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Mouseflow Recovers $20,000 Lost Sale

“Mouseflow allowed us to identify an important visitor drop-off on our quote page that directly lead to an order over $20,000 that would have otherwise been lost.” – David Rosenberg (

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