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Key Insights About Customer-First Marketing from 2,400 Customers

This week, MarketingSherpa released a 55-page customer-first marketing research study based on findings from surveying over 2,400 customers.

The report provides insights on:

  • What contributes most to a customer’s satisfaction with a company
  • Which advertising channels customers trust most when making a purchasing decision 
  • What the top reasons customers unsubscribe from emails, block online ads and delete apps are

Since Mouseflow’s primary objective is to allow its customers to see a visitor’s behavior in order to fix pain points and essentially help your company be more customer first, we wanted to share it with you.

Marketing Sherpa Study

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Mouseflow Recovers $20,000 Lost Sale

“Mouseflow allowed us to identify an important visitor drop-off on our quote page that directly lead to an order over $20,000 that would have otherwise been lost.” – David Rosenberg (

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