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A Simple Guide for Businesses to Maximize Conversion Rates at Checkout

For all businesses small and large, ensuring a smooth online checkout is vital to maximizing sales opportunities. If a visitor spends 40 minutes shopping around on your site adding items to their cart and encounters an error or bug during checkout, it can be incredibly difficult to recover the trust of the consumer.

If a field in your form submission causes users to stumble, it would be wise to consider some modifications to ensure a higher conversion rate. This is where Mouseflow becomes an incredibly helpful tool in identifying issues on your site, optimizing sales, and increasing conversions in checkout. In this article, we’re going to discuss how exactly Mouseflow can assist in maximizing conversions for businesses at the checkout screen.

Once you’ve signed into your Mouseflow account, from the main UI, click on Forms on the left side of the screen. Click “Add New Form”.

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5 Easy Steps To Optimize Your Conversion Funnel For Online Sales

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting thousands of visitors to your website every day. What matters is whether or not you’re able to convert those visitors into paying customers. If you’re not meeting your sales goals, it’s time to optimize your conversion funnel.

Conversion funnel optimization can help drive awareness to your products, stir the interest of your target audience, and then convince them to make a purchase. Want to boost online sales? Check out these 5 simple conversion funnel optimization strategies below.

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5 Web Design Elements that Win Conversions

From the birth of ecommerce to what we see today, web design has always played a crucial role in winning conversions. But which elements are responsible in determining if a web design can live up to its mantle? Which factors are involved during the lead closing process and how does the customer respond to them? In this article, we will discuss 5 crucial web design elements that are directly responsible for securing conversions for an ecommerce store. 

White Spacing

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How to Run an A/B Test in YouTube Analytics

The competition for producing great quality and engaging content is as steep as ever with many creators turning to videos to give their brands an edge at driving traffic and viewer engagement. Nowadays, everyone is uploading videos in YouTube by the thousands and making the most of its free online sharing platform. A bevy of videos make it to the trending lists daily while racking millions of viewers and subscribers. But for anyone eager to get to the top and be part of the select few who have made it to the trending lists, finding new strategies to market their videos effectively is crucial.

Many brands have opted to bring on the big guns by using site analytics and other 3rd party tools to better understand user engagement and drive more traffic to their channels. The competition is high and many creators have started talking about the need to use A/B Testing on their videos to measure the effectiveness of their uploads and make the right timely adjustments without having to wait for negative feedback when the video goes live.

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A Simple Guide to UTM Variables

Being able to measure and analyze where your traffic is coming from is a critical part function of online marketing. If you don’t know which campaign or link is converting your visitors into customers, then you won’t know where to focus your marketing efforts.

By correctly tracking your traffic, you can understand where your users come from and what action drives the visits. You can even test the effectiveness of different Call to Actions or which newsletter was the most effective in driving sales.

So how do we do this?

Fortunately for us, we have UTM variables.

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6 Don't Miss Copywriting Techniques for E-Commerce Websites

One of the most untapped resources when it comes to e-commerce is quality copy and product descriptions - both of which can skyrocket your conversion rate. You will find that most sellers and retails use the same text for their products or none at all - relying instead on flashy images to do their work for them. Although this may work in the short-run, the results are greatly improved if you create unique copy for each product.

Since the customers can’t actually access the product as they would in a physical store, it is up to you to engage them and establish trust with your descriptions. You are their eyes and ears in this case and you need to use that to achieve some much-needed competitive advantage. Let’s see how you can do that.

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10 Content Auditing Tools for Effective Website Optimization

When you’re reading through blogs and websites from a familiar niche, you can easily spot weak content. Through experience, you develop a base of knowledge related to your industry, making any errors or misinformation very apparent. When it comes to editing your own website, though, it’s not that easy to identify where things are failing.

Audit Your Content Using 10 Recommended Tools

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How To Boost Your Conversion Rate and Lower Your Bounce Rate with Heatmaps

In order for your website to survive in the modern world of online business, it’s vital that it maintains a healthy conversion rate. Conversions are measured by whatever metric you use to determine a successful purchase or subscription, such as a sale, registration, or download. When your website is functioning efficiently and is appealing to your visitors, you’ll see an increase in your conversions.

However, if you’re seeing a high bounce rate and below average conversions over a long period of time, it signals an opportunity for improvement. For those who may be experiencing this, the following is an expert guide on how analyzing heatmaps can improve your conversion rate and lower your bounce rate at the same time.

Mouseflow Funnels for Conversion Rate Optimization

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9 Powerful Proofreading Tools that Can Help You Boost Your Conversion Rate

Having great content is the number one way to get readers flocking to your page and maintaining a sustainable audience. However, if they find your content is poorly written or contains errors, they aren't going to stick around. After all, there's plenty of other things to see online.

To keep those readers engaged, all you need to do is spend a little bit of time and effort improving your proofreading skills. Here are nine of the best online tools that will help you improve your website content in order to increase your conversion rate:

Proofreading Tools

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9 Mistakes that Damage Your User Experience

User Experience (UX) design is a crucial process that creates a marriage between business goals and an optimal environment for your visitors. The goal is to seamlessly guide the user from the homepage to a conversion, providing an intuitive and pleasant experience. You may be offering the best product in your industry, but if your website UX is poor, then you will have a high bounce rate and a low conversion rate.

With proper attention to detail, testing and by designing your website with your users in mind, you can create a positive and enriching experience that will keep people coming back for more. In order to do that, it’s important to know what to avoid – the following is a list of some common UX design mistakes to watch out for:

User Experience

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