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Cyber Monday Flash Sale!

In honor of Cyber Monday, we’re offering 50% off the first month of all Mouseflow upgrades. You can find Mouseflow’s pricing/plan breakdowns here. Simply click on the plan below to upgrade with the discount! Starter Plan — 2,500 sessions per month (3 months of storage) Growth Plan — 10,000 sessions per month (6 months of storage) Business […]

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GDPR: Action Required & Changes to Mouseflow

In a previous post, we wrote about how in Europe, data privacy is about to be turned upside down. But, what does that mean for you as a Mouseflow user? This post is the second in a series of posts about how we’re handling GDPR. We invite you to read the series, ask questions, and […]

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A Response to the Princeton Study About Session Replay Tools

A few days ago, the University of Princeton published a study investigating the use of session replay tools. The study identified issues with many of our competitors’ tools and was picked up by several news outlets, some more prominent than others. What It All Means This coverage stirred up debate and caused questions about the privacy implications […]

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Introducing a new GDPR page

If you operate a company in Europe or deal with data from people in Europe, no doubt you’re aware of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation. This post is the first in a series of posts about how we’re handling GDPR. We invite you to read the series, ask questions, and give us […]

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How we integrate Mouseflow in our own workflow

Editors Note: this article is written by Marcus Wollenberg, one of the members on our support team.  Ever wondered how we use Mouseflow to improve our internal workflow? Well….it’s time. We’re peeling back the curtains to give you some insight into our own Mouseflow operations. As you might have guessed, we use Mouseflow on our […]

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Sitting down with the CEO of Mouseflow, Lasse Schou

Editors note: we recently took time out of Lasse’s busy schedule to sit down with him and learn about how Mouseflow came to be. Questions are italicized and bolded.   Please share your name, background, a little bit about your business, and if you have any investors? Lasse: My name is Lasse Schou. I have a […]

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Introducing Feedback Notifications

We’re excited to announce that you can now trigger notifications (or alerts) for Feedback Surveys! Feedback alerts improve your ability to quickly respond to visitors. Combined with the recording, the user’s feedback can be used to track down leads, fix bugs on your website, answer inquiries, and make site adjustments. During the feedback setup process, […]

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How to prepare for GDPR

It’s all over the news: in Europe, data privacy is about to be turned upside down. In preparation for the General Data Privacy Regulation, also known as GDPR, many companies are making massive changes to internal policies and procedures to ensure compliance. With fines of up to €20 million or 4% of your global annual […]

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The Anatomy of a $97 Million Page: A CRO Case Study

Editor’s note: this is a case study featuring Protalus, a company who used Mouseflow to “increase direct sales by 91% in about 6 months through one-click upsells and CRO”. Enjoy! In this post, we share a CRO case study from Protalus, one of the fastest-growing footwear companies in the world. They make an insole that corrects the […]

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Real-time alerts now available

We’re excited to announce a brand new feature: real-time alerts! You’ll be the first to know if there’s a sudden increase in cart abandonment, errors, or usability roadblocks. You can now create alerts via email, Slack, or webhook to be notified when new sessions match your own pre-defined criteria. Here’s a quick preview: How It’s Used […]

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