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Heatmaps 101 – Scroll Heatmaps

Scroll heatmaps give you an idea about how much of your page is visible to visitors. Each section provides statistics about visibility and time spent – either viewing or interacting with different parts of the page. A great example of an insight from the Scroll Heatmap is when key page content is located in a low-visibility […]

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Heatmaps 101 – Movement Heatmaps

Movement heatmaps focus on where users navigate their mouse on your site – it’s a great measure of attention and engagement. This is insightful because you can gauge whether the key areas of a page receive adequate attention. Below, you can see that most of the user attention on our site is focused on the video […]

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Heatmaps 101 – Click Heatmaps

A click heatmap is valuable to show the effectiveness of links throughout your site. Whether a link is part of the main navigation, text content, or a multi-step form, you need to know whether it helps or hinders usability. On our home page, the links in the main navigation receive the most clicks. You can […]

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