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5 Easy Steps To Optimize Your Conversion Funnel For Online Sales

Conversion funnel optimization can help drive awareness to your products, stir the interest of your target audience, and then convince them to make a purchase. Want to boost online sales? Check out these 5 simple conversion funnel optimization strategies below.

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5 Web Design Elements that Win Conversions

From the birth of ecommerce to what we see today, web design has always played a crucial role in winning conversions. But which elements are responsible in determining if a web design can live up to its mantle?

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How to Run an A/B Test in YouTube Analytics

A bevy of videos make it to the trending lists daily while racking millions of viewers and subscribers. But for anyone eager to get to the top and be part of the select few who have made it to the trending lists, finding new strategies to market their videos effectively is crucial.

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A Simple Guide to UTM Variables

Being able to measure and analyze where your traffic is coming from is a critical part function of online marketing. If you don’t know which campaign or link is converting your visitors into customers, then you won’t know where to focus your marketing efforts. Follow this simple guide to learn how to correctly track your traffic.

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7 Tips to Help Startups Grow their Social Media Audience

Marketing on social media can be as essential tool used by startups looking to achieve a greater audience. Here are 7 crucial tips you should consider incorporating into your marketing plans.

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8 Incredible SEO Tools to Skyrocket your Small Business

Search engine optimisation, when properly intensified, can turn out to be a small business’s best friend. Gracing the first few pages of search engines can help a small enterprise establish a lasting brand, expand its territories, and even increase its profits. Here’s 8 incredible SEO tools to help grow your business.

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3 Ways to Utilize Google’s New Extended Text Ads

Earlier this year, Google officially launched its new expanded PPC text ads format. Here’s 3 ways to take advantage of Google’s new release.

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5 Reasons You Should Boost Your E-commerce Site With Visual Elements

First impressions matter online and offline. How can you attract and retain attention to your website? Learn how to effectively utilize visual elements to increase visitor interaction on your site.

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5 Steps to Better B2C Rapport Using Mobile Marketing Automation

Forming a connection with your customer base can take time, but with more millennial customers coming of age in the next few years, finding a fast and effective way to engage the people who can make or break our businesses is more important than ever before. Implementing marketing automation is a smart and innovative marketing strategy you can use to reach out and connect with consumers without doubling your workload.

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Key Insights About Customer-First Marketing from 2,400 Customers

This week, MarketingSherpa released a 55-page customer-first marketing research study based on findings from surveying 2,400 customers. Since Mouseflow allows you to see a visitor’s behavior in order to fix pain points, that is, be more customer first, this study is a don’t miss.

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