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Introducing JavaScript Error Tracking

We’ve all been in that situation. You’ve spent a long time shopping for the right products. When you try to check out, you click the Next button and …nothing happens. You click a few more times, but the button is dead. You go back, frantically clicking other buttons, but nothing works. Frustrated, you search for […]

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Live Form Analytics is here!

Optimizing the forms on your website is one of the most important aspects of conversion rate optimization (CRO). You’ll want to make sure that you get enough data from your users, but on the other hand you don’t want a large number of input fields that may deter users. But how to find the right […]

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New Feature – CSV Export

We are excited to announce a New Feature – you can download all statistics for offline use! To download the data, open a website from the dashboard and click the icon in the upper-right corner of the statistics, recordings, or heatmap pages. This will create a CSV file (for Excel) with all the data which […]

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Mouseflow Helps Uncover Hidden Bug On Major Financial Website

A financial services company noticed on its Google Analytics account that within the last month, a loan sign-up form page was experiencing a much higher bounce rate than normal. They wanted to figure out why this was happening, but none of their analytics tools could tell them more than what was happening. This is when […]

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Heatmaps 101 – Scroll Heatmaps

Scroll heatmaps give you an idea about how much of your page is visible to visitors. Each section provides statistics about visibility and time spent – either viewing or interacting with different parts of the page. A great example of an insight from the Scroll Heatmap is when key page content is located in a low-visibility […]

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Heatmaps 101 – Movement Heatmaps

Movement heatmaps focus on where users navigate their mouse on your site – it’s a great measure of attention and engagement. This is insightful because you can gauge whether the key areas of a page receive adequate attention. Below, you can see that most of the user attention on our site is focused on the video […]

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Heatmaps 101 – Click Heatmaps

A click heatmap is valuable to show the effectiveness of links throughout your site. Whether a link is part of the main navigation, text content, or a multi-step form, you need to know whether it helps or hinders usability. On our home page, the links in the main navigation receive the most clicks. You can […]

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