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How Ocado technology, supporter of the world's largest online grocery store, uses Mouseflow

Ocado technology, a software group that supports (the world's largest online-only grocery retailer) and Morrisons (the UK’s fourth largest grocery store chain), recently published an internal case study focused around site insights they discovered using Mouseflow.

The study reveals how their team used Mouseflow to uncover confusing icons and areas on their site, eventually leading to dropoffs. Ocado discussed just how extensive the issue was:

“From this feature (Mouseflow’s session replay), certain hiccups within the site design became apparent, such as users clicking on the purple text box with the Rapid Router logo, thinking it would lead them to the game, when actually the two were unlinked. This feature was essentially acting as a dead end. Issues like these can lead to early drop-offs, so this just goes to show how invaluable user research is to a successful website.”

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The Anatomy of a $97 Million Page: A CRO Case Study

Editor's note: this is a case study featuring Protalus, a company who used Mouseflow to "increase direct sales by 91% in about 6 months through one-click upsells and CRO". Enjoy!

In this post, we share a CRO case study from Protalus, one of the fastest-growing footwear companies in the world. They make an insole that corrects the misalignment suffered by roughly 85% of the population. Misalignment is the cause of most back, knee, and foot pain. Back pain alone is estimated to be worth $100 billion a year.

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Case Study: How Mouseflow helped establish Ucruise Sydney as one of the world's premier private boating companies

“Being able to watch sessions has really saved us thousands. The amount of times we’ve built errors into our forms, meaning people can’t convert, is quite shocking.”

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Case Study: How Mouseflow Saved the Launch of Sticker Gigant

"In just a few hours after we went live, we were able to recognize the first weaknesses in our new user interface, which we could never have identified without Mouseflow in such a short time.”

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Case Study: Mouseflow Identifies 13 Fraudulent Orders Worth More Than $2000+

Imagine you run a small business, primarily online. Every sale is critical and it’s painful leaving money on the table. It’s vital that you capture as many leads as possible and ensure a smooth conversion process. However, when individuals purposely attempt to circumvent your system and steal your goods, it can be a nightmare for small business owners.

About the Company

Esource Parts, an electronic parts distributor based out of Ontario, has been in business since 2009. Primarily an online business, Esource Parts sells thousands of electronics to private individuals, large vendors, and shops. From cell phone parts, to computers, to consoles -- Esource Parts sells it all.

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Mouseflow Recovers $20,000 Lost Sale

“Mouseflow allowed us to identify an important visitor drop-off on our quote page that directly lead to an order over $20,000 that would have otherwise been lost.” – David Rosenberg (

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