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The days of traditional analytics are over. Empower your offerings with Mouseflow so you can show, not tell, what users do and why.
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Easily empower your offering

Show recordings of real user interaction on your client's website to support your solutions. Show, don't tell!

Stand out and stay relevant

Differentiate yourself and answer the why, not the what behind user behavior - don’t be another agency using Google Analytics.

Access exclusive resources

Get exclusive training sessions, videos, and easy access to all your clients through our Partner Portal.


Ways to partner with Mouseflow

Certified Partner

This strong alliance is for customer-centric agencies committed to helping clients grow their businesses and leveling up their expertise.

Stand out as a data-informed expert through our unlimited support, 1-1 onboarding, and technical training
Grow a long-lasting relationship with your clients through continuously monitor them through our Partner Portal
Accelerate your business growth with the highest commission rate
Accelerate your growth
Agency Partner

If you’re an agency working on digital solutions or CRO and want to bundle Mouseflow into your services, we’ll show you the way. You invoice your clients either for the product or as an integrated part of your current offering.

Make your offerings more attractive with our suite of behaviour analytics tools
Open the door for new revenue streams
Manage multiple projects from one account
Create new revenue streams
Affiliate Partner

You don’t have to be an organization to become a Mouseflow partner. Whether you want to monetize your content or influence clients and marketers in your network, we have a tiered commission structure paid on the total revenue generated.

Obtain a kickback starting from 10%
Get an overview of your commission through the Mouseflow Partner Portal
Quarterly automated commission payments
Start receiving commission

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Exclusive resources

We've got your back

Client expectations require you to always be a step ahead and agile in digital transformation. As your partner, we make it easy for you to outshine the competition.
"We recently had an eCommerce client that had an unexpected plummet in sales. Mouseflow was able to pinpoint bugs preventing customers from adding items to their cart. We were able to remedy the issue fast and I’m not sure how we would have found that without Mouseflow."
Malthe Timm
Obsidian Digital
Senior Consultant

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Frequently asked questions

You should become a Mouseflow Partner if you are looking to provide added value to your clients or customers. Mouseflow allows you to help them prioritize and improve conversions using quantitative machine learning and AI technology at the level where most are not operating. Mouseflow also helps you develop and nurture long-term relationships with your customers by demonstrating proof-of-concept and ongoing value for your deliverables.

We recognize that every partnership is different and that’s why our partnership requirements vary depending on your strategic fit and range from a high level of engagement and support to a lower level commitment that still adds value to your business. However, if you are looking to push Mouseflow to your entire customer base, we can offer partnerships which can be aligned with your strategic focus and enable success for both your customers, you and for Mouseflow. We guide you through the partnership process so if you let us know how you want to work with Mouseflow we will guide you in the right direction and introduce you to the appropriate partner level plan.

Yes – all Mouseflow partnership levels receive a commission based on their referrals no matter where you fall on the spectrum. The higher commitment and dedication, the higher commission you can earn. We truly want to intensify our most dedicated partners as their combined value proposition is crucial to our customers‘ value gain.

To ensure a successful partnership we give you access to our ‘Mouseflow Partner Portal.’ The Partner Portal let’s you manage your clients, invite new clients, and provide effective consultancy for each customer in a professional way. Additionally, The Mouseflow Partner Portal calculates your earned commissions and creates transparency on the added value, and also allows you to connect with any Mouseflow customers, simply by sharing your Mouseflow Partner ID with them.

Certified Mouseflow Partners receive onboarding and training on both the consultative and technical side to ensure you are well versed in the features and become Mouseflow Rockstars. We make sure our Certified Partners are always set up for success and we give you an enhanced level of support regularly by sharing use case examples,  industry knowledge, and best practices to help you stand out amongst your competitors. As technology evolves we make sure you are always in the know and re-certified on a regular basis to boost your knowledge and maintain a high-impact relationship.

Our highest level of partnership requires and offers onboarding and technical training for you and your team. You will be working with our global Partner team and have a direct and personal connection to Mouseflow. Being a Certified Mouseflow Agency Partner requires that you master transforming data analytics from numbers into real executable actions.

Being a Certified Mouseflow Agency Partner requires that your team members are trained and certified to provide customer value through tangible results. If you’re not there yet, we offer lower-level tiers of partnership depending on your needs and do not require that level of commitment. We encourage you to reach out to the Mouseflow Partner team to determine what partnership tier is right for you.

As a Certified Mouseflow Partner you will have a dedicated Mouseflow Partner Manager, who will ensure you and your team is trained. Your Mouseflow Partner Manager is your guide to success and will regularly share vital training and consultancy materials to help you and your clients be successful and see impactful results.