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Our Purpose

From when website analytics was in its infancy to today – we begin each day on a mission to help businesses uncover user behavior insights that otherwise would go unseen. While thousands of analytics tools can show what's happening on your website, we know that's not good enough. So we created a tool to show you why.

Why users drop off, why they abandon their cart, why they aren't filling out your form, and more. While our technology is built for enterprise, we believe that all businesses deserve to see what's happening between clicks. Whether you're a mom and pop shop or a global corporation – it doesn't matter. Your users expect more. We're here to give you the key that unlocks the door to a world of optimization opportunities.

Mouseflow is not just one tool with separate features. It's an ecosystem that works together to empower teams and drive better, more confident decisions.

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The story (so far)

How it started

How did we get here? Mouseflow was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2010. What started as a concept came to fruition and rapidly grew through humble, organic market adoption into an industry mainstay. At the time behavioral analytics was nearly nonexistent and our core purpose was to grow the website heatmap and session recording segment and empower teams to reduce website friction and optimize user journeys.

How it's going

More than 200,000 customers in over 100 countries uncover valuable insights with Mouseflow every day. Our customers include household names in health, finance, automotive, travel, and other major industries with worldwide enterprises as well as small-mid size businesses, startups, agencies and consultants. Like our customers' businesses, Mouseflow remains agile and scalable to the needs of today and the ambitions of tomorrow.

Our global community
Talent in every corner of the world

We have talented people all over the world making sure Mouseflow provides the best behavior analytics platform and support. It’s the humans behind the screens that make Mouseflow what it is. We’re always on the lookout for hungry individuals with expertise, confidence, and ambitions to do great things together.

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