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Push variant information from Convert Experiences to Mouseflow to get more insights from each experiment.
Going beyond statistical significance
Why exactly did the variant win or flop

Push the variant information from your Convert Experiences to Mouseflow for more precise A/B test results analysis. Integrating Mouseflow and Convert Experiences allows you to use the variation name as a custom tag in Mouseflow, enabling filtering of session recordings, heatmaps, and other data by variation.

Even if your experiment seems to have yielded inconclusive results, you can still analyze the heatmaps of your variants. They’ll give you valuable insights about your users’ behavior that you may use either as proof that you can go ahead with the changes or as a inspiration for new hypotheses.

Dive into the replays of sessions recorded on the variation to see if the changes you’ve made have really impacted the users’ behavior the way you expected them to.

Here you can find more information on setting up the integration.

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