See where visitors click, move, scroll, and even pay attention.

  • Click Heatmaps

    It’s great to gather data, but how do you make sense of it all?

    Mouseflow helps you discover patterns and understand visitor behavior with ease.

    Our click heatmaps let you see where visitors click and don’t click. This includes anchor-links, buttons, and even erroneous elements that are clicked incorrectly.

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  • Movement Heatmaps

    Ever wonder whether your design helps or hinders visitors?

    Mouseflow shows you where visitors pay attention and points out areas for optimization.

    Studies show that there is a strong correlation (~85%) between mouse movements and eye gaze. The time to improve your design is now!

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  • Scroll Heatmaps

    Visitors don’t read pages, they scan them.

    Mouseflow lets you see whether elements are properly positioned for maximum conversions.

    Is your “Add to Cart” button in the right place? Is your “Subscribe Now” form even visible? Find out today!

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