Deliver results in a meaningful way.

  • Download & Share Recordings

    Do your clients know how their website(s) are performing? Want to demonstrate changes in a meaningful way?

    Mouseflow lets you download recordings for easy archiving and sharing with clients. Use them during a presentation or to show developers where to make improvements.

    Don’t spend money on expensive user testing.

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  • Multi-User Accounts

    People work in teams — isn’t time we all had access to the same data?

    Mouseflow lets you share data with clients, colleagues, or contractors. Use one account for multiple clients and set permissions so data stays secure.

    It’s never been easier to understand and improve visitor behavior.

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  • Session-Based Page Support

    Most stores use encrypted (HTTPS) connections which make gathering data difficult on session-based cart and checkout pages.

    Mouseflow has support for session-based pages, using the same encryption technology as sites like We don’t cut corners when it comes to security.

    Start eliminating drop-offs and optimizing sales funnels today!

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  • API Access

    It’s nice to include third-party tools in your applications. Shouldn’t it be easy?

    Mouseflow has a simple REST-based API so you can create your own custom applications or widgets.

    We won’t stand in your way when you take over the world. What are you waiting for?

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