How Mouseflow helped establish Ucruise Sydney as one of the world’s premier private boating companies

“Being able to watch sessions has really saved us thousands. The amount of times we’ve built errors into our forms, meaning people can’t convert, is quite shocking.”


  • 151.56% increase in conversion rate
  • Saved thousands in lost revenue
  • Identified numerous website bugs

About the Company

Ucruise Sydney is a boat hire company, based out of Sydney, that helps renters find the perfect vessel for their needs. Their services range from catamaran hire to luxury superyachts to budget deals, providing for a wide range of clientele and events.

Since Ucruise Sydney was established in 2014, the company has utilized Mouseflow to better connect boaters, improve their website, and increase revenue. The company has recently surged to the top of the Australian boating market, gaining the trust of TripAdvisor and many other international brands.

The Challenge

In the early stages of their development, the rapid growth targets for the site and service meant testing time was not really an option and the company ran into several coding and website issues that prevented new customers from making orders. One such error prevented visitors from being able to submit a form. Other bugs included buggy calls to action, preventing referrals.

Each missed order meant potentially thousands in lost revenue. For many early, growing businesses – this could mean a death sentence for their sales. Thankfully, Ucruise found Mouseflow.

Why Mouseflow

“Being able to watch sessions has really saved us thousands. The amount of times we’ve built errors into our forms, meaning people can’t convert, is quite shocking. We’ve been watching sessions and found that people can’t actually complete the form — trying a few times and then bouncing….everyone of those leads can be worth several thousand.” – James Kinsley, Co-Owner

The Solution

Additionally, Ucruise Sydney utilizes heatmaps to “make major changes to the menu, based on the heatmap data from Mouseflow”. The company often makes big site modifications for SEO reasons but worry about the impacts on user experience. However…

“When we decide we need to make a big change for SEO, for example changing our main navigation links, we will never do so if it negatively impacts our user experience. Mouseflow gives us vital insight on UX and in the case of the menu change, it showed minimal interaction with several major navigation paths, meaning we could proceed without concern.”

For Ucruise Sydney, Mouseflow has been a game-changer; preventing lost revenue, identifying countless missed bugs, improving the website, and ultimately increasing sales on an ongoing basis.


With Mouseflow’s assistance, UCruise Sydney was able to identify major website bugs blocking conversions, save thousands in potential lost revenue, and increase their conversion rate by 151.66%. As a result, UCruise Sydney has earned the trust of notable brands all over the world and established themselves as the premier boating company in Australia.

About Mouseflow

Mouseflow was founded in Copenhagen in April of 2010. Since then, Mouseflow has developed into one of the top customer experience analytics softwares in the world. Mouseflow serves small and medium-sized companies, as well as many international corporations. Lasse Schou, the founder and managing director of Mouseflow, has established offices in Copenhagen, Seattle, and Hamburg. The goal is to offer a first-class solution to business customers of all sizes — in order to optimize the customer experience. Today, Mouseflow has more than 100,000 customers. Customers in the United States include: Microsoft, NBC, Philips, Costco, The Weather Channel, Pepsi, and more.

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