Website Error Detection

Detect Errors Before They Affect Your Business

Set custom notifications, tag and monitor specific website elements, and filter users based on their satisfaction with your site.
Get ahead of user frustrations with custom notifications

Easily set up custom notifications and be notified of specific user interactions, technical errors, ad competitors, feedback responses, and much more.

Immediately learn about JavaScript errors with automatic detection

Mouseflow detects user events such as JavaScript errors (and 5 other types) out of the box. Get notified and fix the most critical problems before they affect ROI.

Tag and track user interaction with any element on your site

In addition to the automatic tagging you get with Mouseflow, you can create custom tags for any element on your website. Filter your data based on these tags and further understand the behavior of the users interacting with your site.

Our customers’ favorite custom tags include the

  • add to cart button,
  • sign up/sign-in,
  • menu items,
  • product or service categories,
  • product information,
  • pop-ups,
  • shipping methods,
  • payment methods,
  • and shopping cart value.