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5 Web Design Elements that Win Conversions

From the birth of ecommerce to what we see today, web design has always played a crucial role in winning conversions. But which elements are responsible in determining if a web design can live up to its mantle? Which factors are involved during the lead closing process and how does the customer respond to them? In this article, we will discuss 5 crucial web design elements that are directly responsible for securing conversions for an ecommerce store. 

White Spacing

Source: FME Dubai

Being the one of the most important elements of web design, it is unfortunate that many websites often ignore to use it at its true potential. White space or negative space is the area that remains unused in the web design. It not only helps separate other elements such as text, images, CTAs and blocks from making a mess, but also creates harmony between the website structure and its content. As a result, the website appears less crowded and more welcoming to customers. By separating elements from each other, it allows customers to interact with them more conveniently. For instance, a website that does not use white spacing in its text will affect readability for its visitors. If the text is not readable, it sure as hell won’t be able to convert the visitor either. In below example FME has perfectly used the whitespace in their web design.

Source: FME Dubai

Using white spacing in web design can mean the difference of conversion and abandonment. You can add white spacing appropriately by analyzing your website layout and mapping the elements that need attention. By isolating certain elements such as CTAs, you can draw your customer’s focus on them and increase conversion rates for your store. However, it must also be kept in mind that overusing negative spacing can lead to adverse effects for your website. Too much and the customer might lose interest and abandon your page, too less and the viewer gets disoriented and abandons your page. Make sure that your white spacing is well calibrated according to your web development requirements so an equilibrium can be established between the elements and the space that surrounds them.



Color affects online purchases on multiple levels. Each color can be defined as a separate entity that can bring about a unique response from the visitor. A study recently revealed that adding colors in web design can increase brand recognition by 80%. But that doesn’t mean adding any colors will do. [Source: Colorcom]

  • Red color for instance represents high strain emotions that can bring volatility in the viewer’s brain. For this quality red is often used as stop and exit sign in streets and hallways. On websites, it’s most effective as font color for showing discounted prices. 
  • Black is a bold color that induces luxury and superiority in the web design. It is often used for premium products that have a noticeable price tag. 
  • Yellow brings a sense of optimism and hope in the picture. It is best used for introducing discount offers and deals for the website. 
  • Blue has a unique property of spreading warmth and safety to its viewers. It keeps the web design alive and exhibits trust within its area of action. For such reasons blue is used in online banking websites to promote trust and security within the customers.    
  • Quite similarly, Green also has a mesmerizing effect on the viewers. Associated with environment and money, it is used for showing calm and peace in the website design. 



Visual content makes up for 90% of information we receive in our brain for the most obvious reasons. It has more power to engage visitors and holds a far greater percentage for converting them. In a recent study, it was found that customers can remember 10% information for 3 days when it comes from reading a text. But when the same the text is paired with an image, the chances go as far up to 65%. Adding images next to your product details is crucial to your conversion rates. In the same study, 46% of the marketing executives agreed that adding visual content is critical for website conversions and hence must be added abundantly. [Source: Changingminds]

To make sure you make the best out of your visual content, you can 

  • Use HD images photographed with DSLR cameras for better quality, 
  • Add images in infographics and other places on your website
  • Add extensions to enhance their view ability such as zooming and lighbox features 
  • Optimize your images according to the latest trends and statistics 
  • Do your SEO on them so they can be crawled by search engines such as Google



A sturdy navigation serves as a beacon for customers that often get lost the website in search for a specific product. A good navigation structure is everything from search boxes, website menus, tabs, blocks, filters, links, and URLs etc. Without showing at least a search feature on top of a page, an internal linking structure to link relevant pages, a navigation menu to choose from categories and products, there is absolute chaos. A good hierarchal structure ensures your website content gets the best exposure on the pages while giving a breathing space for other elements to follow.

For instance, if a customer is looking for a certain product on a website, there should be enough filters to narrow the search down without breaking a sweat. This improves user experience for the customer while at the same time secures leads for your store. 



Call to action buttons are triggers that incite emotional response from the viewer and helps them convert. Their importance in web designs is immense. Without at least a few well-placed CTAs in your website layout you simply cannot compete with the other websites of the era. CTAs are specifically designed to capitalize on the shopper’s emotional spectrum so a decision can be produced from it. A good CTA is built from the right color scheme, era appropriate design and a phrase to captivate the reader. 

For example, if you are targeting an upcoming Sale, your CTA can be designed as a discount offer button that links to the checkout page. Yellow is the most accurate color for the occasion according to the color psychology, while the text can go like, “Buy Now Before It’s Too Late” or, “To Avail Discount Click Here”. Keep in mind not to overcomplicate the text or use bright colors in CTA. 


You might have already read or heard about these 5 web design elements, but how they are used and to which capacity differs from one psychology to the other. However, this does not mean that their presence in any web design can be neglected. By adding and improving these elements, you can create a better and more organized website that only gets the rankings, but also boosts your store conversions. 


Author Bio:

Asad Ali is an experience digital marketer and running successful campaigns for the past 7 years. He has a vast exposure in design optimization, conversion optimization and promoting eCommerce websites. Currently, he is leading the marketing team at Go-Gulf Dubai – a corporate web development company.

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