How to Exclude Specific Users and IP Addresses from Recordings

For many ecommerce sites, personal blogs, and corporate groups using Mouseflow, requesting the exclusion of certain internal visitors from showing up in their recordings is fairly common. Maybe you want to exclude the IP of the website owner, a developer, or another employee. This will conserve your credit limit, ensuring you don’t track users you don’t need to track. In Mouseflow, it’s simple to do this.

Once logged in, from the main dashboard, click on settings.

Once you’re in the setting menu, you’ll see a list of different options. Look for the “Excluded IP Addresses” box.

You have several options: you can click “add my IP” to automatically input your personal IP address, add another employee’s IP, or add a specific, universal root of IPs. You can either use single addresses or IP ranges (use the wildcard character ‘*’ as the last character).

Just click save and the changes will take effect immediately.

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