Improvements to Merge URLs & the Mouseflow Dashboard

The Mouseflow development team just launched several updates to the platform.

Merge URLs, a popular option used many e-commerce sites, just received a facelift. If your website has hundreds or thousands of pages which share a common URL structure and you want to analyze them together (via an aggregate heatmap) instead of thousands of separate heatmaps, Merge URLs is the secret to make it happen. To combine all of these unique pages together, a specialized rule can be created inside of Mouseflow.

The new design is more user-friendly with additional customization options. Now you can choose from “equals”, “starts with”, “ends with”, and “regex” for matching URLs to general page types/templates. Furthermore, you can control the alias that is given to the website page, which is also used for naming the associated heatmap. The net result is you’ll receive one combined/aggregate heatmap with data derived from potentially thousands of underlying pages which share a common structure. This is great for a product, category, search results, blog post, and similar types of pages. Powerful stuff!

We’ve also improved the loading speed of the Mouseflow dashboard when viewing large sets of data (like the past 12 months). The platform is more efficient at handling high volumes (petabytes) of data like this and you can now take full advantage of it!

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