Introducing Friction Score on Recordings!

You may have heard the rumors: Friction Score is here and getting better and better. Today, we’re pleased to announce it’s now available on the Recording List!

When a user experiences frustration or trouble on your site, their recording will show an unhappy or angry face in the “Friction” column. You can use Mouseflow’s filter feature (the funnel icon in the blue bar) to quickly identify these problematic sessions. Filtering options include “Happy”, “Unhappy”, or “Very Unhappy”.

Friction score will help you to:

  • Diagnose which sessions contain high levels of visitor frustration
  • Prioritize which pages need attention first and which ones can wait
  • Optimize your site with a focus on specific pages causing visitors to drop out
  • Track and assess changes in friction over time and among page redesigns

The score is relative to each website and calculated on a variety of data points/heuristics. A high score for one website may be a low score for another. We compare actual vs. expected patterns in behavior like clicks, movement, failed form submits, code errors, bounces, load time, signs of fatigue, your own custom inputs, and much more.

Ready to try it? Log in to Mouseflow, or try it for free and open your website, and click “Recordings”.

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