How Rains improved ecommerce conversion rate with Mouseflow

Increasing conversions by 10%

Reducing website friction and eliminating errors

Making data-driven decisions

Session recordings and heatmaps provided hypotheses for A/B testing

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Danish fashion brand Rains wanted to reduce friction, help users find what they were looking for, and provide the best possible experience to consequently improving conversion rates – and add millions in revenue on a yearly basis.

Rains was founded in Aarhus in 2012 as a rainwear brand with roots in Danish fashion. With time, the brand grew and just 10 years later, Rains is known as one of Danish fashion’s most successful companies – transforming a niche of rain wear into fashion and expanding into categories such as bags and shoes. In 2022, Rains was featured in the Paris Fashion Week.

eCommerce from is a vital part of Rains’ commercial strategy and success. Around one third of total revenue comes from owned commerce, making Rains one of the best brands to take advantage of direct-to-consumer business model.

On, every tweak matters. Rains wants to make the best experience for its users whether they want to shop online or find a local store.

To achieve the best experience, Rains and Danish marketing agency Obsidian Digital used Mouseflow to identify opportunities and A/B-test their way on to a higher conversion rate.

Conversion lift for cart
Conversion lift for checkout flow
Monthly sessions recorded

Rains started the CRO-project by setting up Mouseflow via Google Tag Manager. They collected data during the first few weeks. After more than 500.000 sessions had been recorded, both Rains and Obsidian Digital started looking into the data.

Mouseflow revealed which pages had the highest friction score. Session recordings within Mouseflow also showed where users had issues like click error and javascript errors.

Based on these findings, a number of main hypotheses on how to improve the site experience and conversion rate were made.

Each hypothesis was then tested in Google Optimize with an A/B split-test methodology. Mouseflow integrates well with Google Optimize, where experiment data was injected and collected. Only one test was taking place at a time to make sure that no two tests were interfering in each other’s data.

When a test had a positive result and a “probability to be best” of more than 90 % in Google Optimize, the test would be implemented sitewide.

Among the tested changes were making previously unclick-able – but clicked upon – elements clickable; improving the cart-flow; and doing a better job of explaining certain fields in the checkout-flow that had a high abandonment rate such as the phone number for shipping purposes.

“With Mouseflow as the starting point, we were able to identify opportunities of optimization that allowed us to scale our revenue without increasing our advertising budgets thus improving profitability on our marketing efforts and making a better experience for our customers”

Kasper Kjærgaard Nielsen | Head of E-commerce | Rains

Company: Rains
Agency: Obsidian Digital (Certified Mouseflow Partner)
Tools used: Google Optimize, Google Tag Manager, Mouseflow
CRM: Shopify
Features used in Mouseflow: Heatmaps, Session Replay, Form Analytics, Friction Score.

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