User behavior analytics

Optimize your website with certainty, not assumption

Know what’s happening at every touchpoint of your users’ journey. No guesswork required.

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Enterprise-grade security

Data protection built for even the most strictly regulated websites. We safeguard your users' privacy so you can rest easy knowing your data is secure – and always protected.

Great digital experiences start here

Your users expect more. We help you connect all the dots and data so you can find pain points and opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed…

See your users in action

Watch real user journeys, with automatic Friction Scores that detects where to focus first.

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An online shop with a play bar showing how you can discover friction, interactions and much more when watching your users' sessions.
Visualize your user behavior

Collect and visualize every engagement pattern with click, scroll, attention, movement, geo, and live views.

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An ecommerce website with a heatmap showing that you can get insights such as click-rage and click-error of each area of your website.
Optimize critical conversion points

Build custom funnels effortlessly to measure every user journey. Replay dropped and converted users.

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Three simplified web paªges including pricing, sign-up, and thank you pages show a typical funnel you want to analyse on a website together with a box showing amount of visits and conversions in this funnel and a button reading 'view full report'.
Analyze field by field

Recover abandoned forms and prevent errors with form analytics.

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A sign-up screen with a form showcasing how Mouseflow detects form interactions, submit failures and much more.
Trust your users

Don’t assume. Just ask. Learn what your users love (or why they leave) with custom-triggered surveys.

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A screen showing an online shop and a user feedback popup asking if the user found the information they were looking for.
Cross-functional value

Empower cross-functional collabs

A picture can save a thousand words – and a session recording can spare you a dozen emails. Harmonize your workflow and go from reactive to proactive, effortlessly.

Let user behavior and feedback be your north star in optimization. From campaigns, landing pages to form submissions – increase ROI for every initiative.

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Contextualize data and test results with replays, visualizations, and feedback. Find and solve the costliest website frustrations quickly.

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See what users actually do so you can optimize functionality with confidence. Catch bugs before they spread and prioritize feature updates.

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Capture reliable user data to back up your decisions. Embrace continual user testing across your entire site for nonstop optimization opportunities.

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Find out what really tipped an A/B test and why users won’t submit your forms. Identify and prioritize obstacles to conversion. Add visual context to speed up implementation.

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