Mouseflow Adds a New Item to the Toolkit: User Feedback

Bellevue, Washington | March 1st, 2017

Mouseflow, a website analytics tool that offers session replay, heatmaps, funnels, and form analytics is pleased to add a new feature to its line-up: User Feedback. With clients of all sizes and in all industries, this long-anticipated feature completes the suite of tools to offer direct user insight from a visitor’s perspective.

Previously, marketers would launch surveys to understand how users think and feel about their brands. This often results in biased data or misinformation, as you never get the “true” picture. With the addition of User Feedback, Mouseflow lets you launch targeted feedback campaigns to jump into the minds of visitors and play the full browser sessions of users who complete the survey, to understand their frame of mind and what led up to their opinions. It’s a game-changer in terms of how we get information from customers and whether there’s any value behind it.

“This is a huge moment for us. We aim to provide the best user analytics tool in the industry — and this release reaffirms that. We are launching a new feature that will improve our product, expand Mouseflow’s capabilities, and deliver better results to our clients,” says Lasse Schou, CEO of Mouseflow.


About Mouseflow:

Mouseflow has over 100,000 clients including Costco, Philips, Samsung, Virgin, Intuit, Sears, Pepsi, AT&T, Autodesk, Microsoft, Vodafone, Accenture, Deloitte, Telefonica, Bosch, Trend Micro, Opel, and more. Mouseflow has offices in United States, Denmark, Germany, and soon to be more.​

Want to see what you’re missing? Try Mouseflow on your website – it’s easy to install and simple to use. Sign up for a free account at, call +1 (855) 668-7335 or email

Announcing a New Major Feature to Mouseflow: User Feedback

Today, I’m excited to announce that we’re adding a major new feature to Mouseflow: User Feedback!

This long-anticipated feature completes the Mouseflow suite of UX enhancement tools and provides a unique way to understand visitor behavior on your website — from the visitor’s perspective. Combined with session replay, clients can now track the complete user journey with the added context of user feedback.

This feature will revolutionize your use of Mouseflow analytics. Let me explain…

The key to successful UX and conversion rate optimization is to identify what causes user hesitation. Steve Krug, author of “Don’t Make Me Think!”, states that a website should always be crystal clear to the visitor in terms of what action to take next. The moment a user starts thinking “Can I click this item?” or “Where is the checkout button?”, you’re causing friction and leaving money on the table.

Once you address the low-hanging fruit like unclickable elements, JavaScript errors, and calls-to-action positioned far below the fold, how do you identify users that are still having issues on your website? Mouseflow provides a wealth of filters you can use to narrow down the list. However, once you identify those users, it’s often too late. What if you could jump in and proactively ask users if they need help? This is the aim of User Feedback.

Feedback has two significant advantages. First, it informs users that you care about their experience. If they’re encountering issues, it tells users you want to help. Secondly, it provides the site administrator with increased information & enriched analytics to properly address any errors in the user experience. This feature allows users to re-watch actual sessions that lead up to the feedback (positive or negative) and make razor-sharp, segmented reports based on the underlying feedback to make faster, better informed decisions.

Feedback campaigns can be customized with multiple steps, specific audience types, skip logic, various input types. Additionally, it is compatible on both desktop and mobile. The administrator can program pre-built triggers (such as inactivity or scroll based) or you can trigger it programmatically via our JavaScript API.

So, go ahead and set up your first Feedback campaign today!

We’re eager to hear what you think! Additionally, we’re working on lots of enhancements so feel free to leave your thoughts (or your own Feedback stories) in the comments below and help us shape this awesome feature of Mouseflow.

Happy Analyzing,

Lasse Schou
Founder & CEO

Case Study: Mouseflow Identifies 13 Fraudulent Orders Worth More Than $2000+

Imagine you run a small business, primarily online. Every sale is critical and it’s painful leaving money on the table. It’s vital that you capture as many leads as possible and ensure a smooth conversion process. However, when individuals purposely attempt to circumvent your system and steal your goods, it can be a nightmare for small business owners.

About the Company

Esource Parts, an electronic parts distributor based out of Ontario, has been in business since 2009. Primarily an online business, Esource Parts sells thousands of electronics to private individuals, large vendors, and shops. From cell phone parts, to computers, to consoles — Esource Parts sells it all.

The Problem

Frady Yacoub, the owner of the business, recently noticed an unusually large order in the system. This is what he had to say:

“We got this purchase in our system for about $2,000…..I look at the customer’s name and I don’t know who this is…..I talked to my staff and they didn’t know who he is. Paypal actually approved the order and said I could ship it.”

It’s important to note that even Paypal, one of the largest payment companies in the world, failed to detect the fraudulent order. Frady noticed that the order was being sent to a mailing address in a completely different city and province than the billing address. Red flags started popping up in Frady’s head — and it didn’t sit right with him. So, he investigated further.

How Mouseflow solved the issue

With the customer name failing to appear in any of their in-house systems, Frady took to Mouseflow to further investigate the order. Here’s what Frady had to say:

“I pulled up the Mouseflow video and noticed the behavior of this particular purchase didn’t seem natural…..they’re sorting everything by price point. Right away, that’s a flag. They sorted highest to lowest price point and added the expensive items to their cart. Using Mouseflow really put some flags up in terms of how the shopper was shopping — which was the number one flag.”

With the odd behavior identified in the Mouseflow recordings, Frady dug even deeper:

“I looked up the IP address of this particular customer to see if there were any other interactions — low and behold — there were 13 other fraudulent transactions with the same IP. This is where Mouseflow really helped me out. I wasn’t able to search the name in our system, since they used different names. It (the in-house billing system) wouldn’t have given me more than one order.”

Mouseflow’s IP tracking made it incredibly easy for Frady to watch a video of every order by the fraudulent users, identify which were confirmed orders, and cancel all existing orders.

“The IP was the common denominator. I wouldn’t have identified these fraudulent orders without using your system (Mouseflow). We immediately called PayPal and were able to go ahead and cancel these orders,” said Frady.

As a result of this Mouseflow search, Esource Parts was able to detect and prevent more than $2500 in fraudulent activity. With Mouseflow saving the company more than $2500, the $99 subscription cost for Mouseflow was clearly worth it.

Meet the Mouseflow Team at the SaaStr Conference in San Francisco!

This week, the Mouseflow team traveled from all around the world to attend SaaStr Annual in San Francisco.

SaaStr provides a phenomenal opportunity for us to meet Mouseflow clients in person, connect faces to names, and to discover better ways to serve you.

In just a few days, we connected with so many new businsess who now want to use Mouseflow  — and we’d love to meet with you! Read on below…

Whether you’re interested in Mouseflow, a new client, or a longtime user, we’d love to meet up for lunch or grab a coffee!

We’ll be here throughout the entire week and look forward to seeing you in San Francisco. Just send an email to ehill [ a t] to connect.

Announcing Access to a Full Library of Mouseflow Training Videos

Here at Mouseflow, we prioritize providing you with the best analytics tools on the market. Whether you’re a free user or on a paid plan — we want to make sure you get the most out of your Mouseflow experience.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Mouseflow users now have access to a full library of training videos and how-to guides. Watch our screen as we walk you through the many intricate uses of Mouseflow. Whether you want to learn how to create a funnel, exclude an IP address, merge URLs, or need just a general synopsis of a feature — we have it all. None of our competitors provide access to a training library. We’re the first.

Our goal is to ensure that you’re utilizing the full capabilities of Mouseflow features. In doing so, we hope to optimize your conversions, improve your site, increase your sales, and prevent lost revenue. When you’re making more money because of Mouseflow, that makes us happy.

The full library of training videos can be found here:


The Simple Secret to Skyrocketing the Sales of your Online Business

Consumer habits are changing fast. With the demand towards online shopping skyrocketing, many of the world’s largest companies are re-allocating resources towards optimizing user experience. The traditional consumer behavior of shopping in retail stores has shifted towards a much more efficient, accessible e-commerce experience. Not everyone has the time to go to the mall and spend a couple hours searching the shelves for their specific product.

A prime example of streamlining the shopping experience is Amazon’s one click buying experience. With just one click, a shopper can purchase their product online and have the item sent directly to their house. And, for Amazon, it’s clearly been a profitable decision. Slice Intelligence, an e-commerce research company, reported that Amazon acquired 38% of all dollars spent online between November 1st and December 29th,2016. There’s an insane level of profit potential available in online sales. And, it’s up to your business to ensure you maximize it.


For all businesses small and large, ensuring a smooth, easy online shopping experience will be critical towards increasing sales. If there’s bugs or errors on your website, your business will feel the pain of it. It’s very difficult to re-capture customers who added items to their cart but dropped out due to a site error. It’s an incredibly frustrating experience for an online customer when your site doesn’t function properly.

This is where Mouseflow comes in.

Mouseflow is a web analytics tool used to increase your sales and track the user experience. If there’s a user who unexpectedly drops out of your cart checkout page, Mouseflow will automatically provide you with the necessary data and information to identify what went wrong. Mouseflow records the journey of every customer who visits your site: tracking where users click, scroll, and hover (heatmaps), which pages they spend the most time on, where errors occur, and what pages cause frustration.

For many small businesses, competing with larger brands can become increasingly frustrating. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that your e-commerce platform is as smooth and accessible as possible. Your platform should appear professional, act professionally, and deliver professionally. Mouseflow will identify the areas of your website that aren’t professional. Whether it’s a bug or a button that causes frustration among customers, Mouseflow will flag it.

If your business has a blog that receives a heavy amount of traffic, the funnels feature in Mouseflow provides you with analytics on the journey of every user who visited your site via the blog. How many sales were made off customers who visited your blog post? How many sales were made off customers who were linked to the blog from Facebook? How many sales were made off customers who were linked to the blog from Twitter? This feature helps businesses to properly assess what platforms provide the best return on their promotional dollars.

Mouseflow identifies your most profitable paths of business. We provide you with the necessary data to optimize your site and increase sales. If there’s a form on your checkout page, Mouseflow automatically tracks the conversions/drop-out rate from field to field. What field causes issues for certain customers? Is there an error with a specific field? Is there a back-end coding issue causing users to stumble and dropout? Mouseflow ensures the reliability and functionality of your e-commerce platform, and ultimately, increases sales. Many of the largest online retailers are Mouseflow clients — as they recognize the value that comes from a functional e-commerce marketplace.

If you’re a small business fighting for a bigger piece of the pie, you need Mouseflow. You need access to the data that will drive your sales. Without Mouseflow, you aren’t achieving your maximum profit potential. With Mouseflow at your side, take advantage of the online shopping revolution and witness your sales skyrocket.

If you run a successful online store, let us know your own tips and tricks for optimizing user experience below. Do you use your own funnels or form analytics reporting? How has it helped provide insight?

Looking Back: 100,000 Websites & 100% Growth in 2016

The calendar flipped and 2017 is finally here! It’s time to pause and reflect on last year’s growth and accomplishments.

At the end of 2016, we reached an important milestone. Mouseflow has been installed on a whopping 100,000 websites! While our product flourished, we also expanded our dynamic team of employees and grew revenue by more than 100%. Additionally, Mouseflow received its second Gazelle Award – an honor presented to the fastest growing companies in Denmark.

We’d like to send a big thanks to our clients from our offices around the world. We encourage you to send feature requests, bug reports, and share your story about how you use Mouseflow. We’d love to spread the word with others…

Looking forward, in 2017, we have a lot of exciting updates planned for this year. Soon, we’ll launch User Feedback where you can gather real-time information from users the moment they experience an issue, complete a goal, or match your custom criteria. We’re also improving the dashboard to focus more on user experience and streamline the onboarding process.

Happy New Year!

Lasse Schou
Founder & CEO

A Simple Guide for Businesses to Maximize Conversion Rates at Checkout

For all businesses small and large, ensuring a smooth online checkout is vital to maximizing sales opportunities. If a visitor spends 40 minutes shopping around on your site adding items to their cart and encounters an error or bug during checkout, it can be incredibly difficult to recover the trust of the consumer.

If a field in your form submission causes users to stumble, it would be wise to consider some modifications to ensure a higher conversion rate. This is where Mouseflow becomes an incredibly helpful tool in identifying issues on your site, optimizing sales, and increasing conversions in checkout. In this article, we’re going to discuss how exactly Mouseflow can assist in maximizing conversions for businesses at the checkout screen.

Once you’ve signed into your Mouseflow account, from the main UI, click on Forms on the left side of the screen. Click “Add New Form”.

Once you’re on the the next screen, enter a name for the form (like “Sign Up”) and then select which “Page” the form is located on (e.g. /sign-up).

Here’s an example where the correct values are added and Mouseflow auto-detects the presence of the form on the page and all fields within the form:

Click “Create Form” to generate your form report.

Let’s break this down. Looking at the example report above, 5,400 individuals visited the Signup page. 60.9% of users (3,300) didn’t even interact with the form.  Right off the bat, only 2,100 users interacted with the form. That’s a problem. Only 57.2% (or 1,200) of those 2,100 individuals who interacted with the form actually submitted it. At each stage of the report, you can see how the conversion rate drops. Just from the signup domain field to the email entry field, 224 individuals dropped out. If there’s one field that causes a significant dropout rate in your form, it might be worth investigating.

Additionally, the data generated from this form can be heavily sliced and diced. Toggle the filter button (on the top right) to filter for operating system, browser, location, traffic source, visitor type, and more.

Ensuring a smooth & successful checkout experience is an overlooked key in driving sales. With Mouseflow’s help, you’ll increase conversions and ultimately increase your profits.

Announcing a New Mouseflow Chrome Extension: Downloadable Heatmaps

At Mouseflow, we’re all about innovation. If there’s a highly requested feature, we work tirelessly to make it happen. Recently, many of our clients requested an option to download heatmaps into an offline image. Due to the intricacies of rendering heatmaps in a browser, this made it difficult to allow for offline downloads. How did we solve this issue?

We built a Google Chrome extension exclusive to Mouseflow.

Most users view heatmaps as a picture but, at Mouseflow, we’re taking it a step further. Our heatmaps dynamically render data that is stored in your browser. The data utilized in generating these heatmaps is selected based on your segment/filters (date range, device, browser/OS, etc). The data is then provided as an overlay in our heatmap window.

With the launch of the new Chrome extension, users can now download any heatmap they want from within the Mouseflow UI. Need to show your boss a printout of user activity on your site? This is the tool for you.

Downloading this extension is easy! See below on how to add this extension to your Google Chrome browser.

If the animated gif doesn’t work for you, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into your Mouseflow account at
  2. Open the heatmaps feature on the left
  3. Click the preferred page you want to download a heatmap from
  4. Once the heatmap is loaded, click the book button on the top right
  5. Select “Download Heatmap”
  6. Install the Mouseflow extension from the Chrome Store by clicking “here”
  7. Click “Add Extension”
  8. Refresh the page
  9. Click the book button again on the top right and select “Download Heatmap”
  10. Mouseflow will produce a .png file of your heatmap and place it in the downloads folder

An Interview with Demetrio Fortman, the COO of TemplateMonster

Today in the spotlight of our article is Demetrio Fortman, COO at TemplateMonster and founder of such popular projects as MotoCMSMotoPress, and Defrozo.

Interviewer: Hello Demetrio! Thanks for taking your time to answer our questions. It would extremely interesting and informative for our readers to learn about your experience. Nothing can be more encouraging than real-life example. So let’s start. The average business person is busy – wearing multiple hats. What advantage is there to using a template for a website layout?

Demetrio Fortman: It’s a pleasure for me as well. I like talking to people, making them think. It is really rewarding when after talking to you people learn something new. Concerning your question. Ready-made templates have loads of advantages. The most obvious ones are their affordability and efficiency. They are relatively cheap comparing to building a website from scratch and you can start using them right after you buy it. Some might say that ready-made template is not a unique solution. Actually, you shouldn’t worry about it. All TemplateMonsterthemes are highly flexible and can be customized out of all recognition. With powerful customization modules you can modify the layout without any technical skills.

Interviewer: You’ve built a massive collection of templates. What are some common design patterns or trends that “work well” on a website?

Demetrio Fortman: Well, we try to follow all the latest trends and tendencies.  Monitoring all the updates on the market is really important. First of all, all our themes are responsive. And this is even out of discussion. Lately we focus on multipurpose themes. They are really popular among the customers thanks to flexibility and advanced functionality. All the latest themes have some customization module in-built to facilitate the editing process, like MotoPress editor, Live Customizer or TM Drag-and-Drop Layout Builder. We try to be flexible ourselves and always improve what we have to satisfy the demands of the customers.

Interviewer: If you had to share your top three tips on how to build an effective website, what would they be?

Demetrio Fortman: As for me, the main feature of an effective website is user-friendliness. That’s what we try to inculcate into MotoCMS themes. If the website is not intuitive no one will pay attention to your awesome design and cool parallax. Then goes responsive design. It is really important, as more and more people use handheld devices for browsing. Without this feature you will lose the lion’s share of audience. And only after these two items comes the design. You should keep an eye on what is in trend and use these features on your website. However, it is important not to overdo here. You should be reasonable in everything you do.

Interviewer: When you launch a site, there’s a fair amount of testing that needs to take place. Naturally, this takes a lot of time. Do you find that your clients are able to shortcut this process by using either all or part of a pre-built template? How so?

Demetrio Fortman: Yes, as I have already mentioned, using a pre-built template for your website you save your time, as the most of testing routing is already conducted on our side. You get already a ready-to-use product with only some fine-tuning necessity.

Interviewer: What types of analytics tools do you use on your own site to optimize sales and increase revenue? What do you advise clients to use? Why?

Demetrio Fortman: Of course, it is Google Analytics. There is hardly any website that goes without it. However, our SEO team is not afraid to experiment and we often test some new tools. That is also very important. You shouldn’t be conservative. This feature is not only useless, but can be even harmful in web development area where the changes happen in the blink of an eye. But the best thing for optimizing sales and increasing conversion is of course, customer care:)

Interviewer: Your templates are geared to helping clients gain conversions. How do you optimize your layouts to do this (headlines, buttons, forms, etc.)?

Demetrio Fortman: Our templates are optimized for content marketing strategy. We create well-structured layouts that smoothly and inconspicuously guide the customer to the action we want from him.  There are dozens of elements aiming to assist in this process. These are call-to-action buttons, header sliders, banners. To raise the trust level to the brand, you can use testimonial section. Online chat is also a great feature that allows you controlling the behavior of the customer and to guide him in real time. Social integration also benefits both, the webmaster and the user.  You, as a webmaster, can collect data from social accounts of your customers to study their preferences. And the users can have an easy login process.

Interviewer: Your templates collection supports a variety of platforms. Do you recommend clients use a CMS, as opposed to hard-coding HTML? Why?

Demetrio Fortman: Actually it is a question of taste. CMS is an ideal choice for those who either don’t have much experience, or don’t have a possibility to devote much time to the project. CMS has everything you need to customize and maintain your website. When you come to the point of redesigning your website, you won’t need to overhaul the whole website. But that doesn’t mean that HTML templates are bad. They are just a little bit more complicated and require some basic skills. However our clients can apply to TM Service Center, if they want to have everything done for them.

Interviewer:  What are some key insights you’ve learned about your own customers over the years? How do you deliver a top-notch user experience?

Demetrio Fortman: The customers are real people with their own ideas, worries and tastes. You can’t please everyone, but you should use personal approach and try to understand the needs of each one of them.  That’s why we have a professional support team, who is ready to help around the world, around the clock.

Interviewer:  Do you test various elements on your site to measure how they impact usability, conversions, or brand perception? If so, what have you learned and would you recommend clients conduct similar tests?

Demetrio Fortman: Of course, when we are planning to introduce some new features to our templates we conduct a serious research. We test it out to measure its usability and only then, if it satisfies the expectations, we include it to our themes. I would recommend everyone to try out something new.  I have already said that conservatism is baneful for your business.  New features appear every day. And they are not a whim, but a necessity. So brushing them aside is at least stupid.

Interviewer:  When you’re not working, what are some of your interests? How do you stay sharp and continue to develop your own skills/experience?

Demetrio Fortman: Oh, I have lots of hobbies besides my work. I am constantly searching for new opportunities and personal growth. My greatest passion is marathon racing. My personal best is 3:26:20:) I like extreme sports as well. I try to use every chance to do something new. It’s like in the “Yes Man” movie. You need to say “Yes” to life and it will give you back thousands of opportunities.