Rescue Lost Conversions With Mouseflow

Have you ever seen a recording of a user that was just about to complete a purchase on your site when they encounter an error? Then you know how frustrating it is to sit there, watching the sale vanish in front of your eyes but being powerless to save it. And you also know the feeling of wishing that you could have asked the user what happened, or maybe let them know that you would be happy to help them solve the issue if they let you.

Mouseflow to the rescue!

Our newest feature improvement will let you do exactly that! We have added two (2) new triggers to the feedback campaigns so you can now set the modal to appear whenever a user:

1. Encounters a JavaScript error (Click Error)

These errors may indicate critical errors on your sites such as buttons, CTAs, and unresponsive form inputs, which may prevent users from completing a purchase or a sign-up.

Catching this type of error is critical to recovering sales that may otherwise have been dropped by the customer.

A quick message along the lines of:

“Sorry! It seems you encountered an error on our site. If you require assistance, our friendly support team will be happy to help (”

Will go a long way towards turning an otherwise negative experience into a positive one.

2. Click 5 times on the same element in less than 1 second (Click Rage)

Click Rage Usually indicates usability or performance issues on your site where functionality does not match the user’s expectations. Most often, the user is attempting to click an element that isn’t clickable, or the page is taking too long to load. Both of these scenarios will cause the user to become frustrated and will drastically lower the likelihood of them completing a purchase or signing up for your service.

In this case, we recommend setting up a question with multiple choice answers asking what the visitor is trying to do on your site, and if possible, offer them several alternative ways to achieving this result. Solving the visitor’s problem will once again turn a negative experience into a positive one.

So How Do I Set This Up

Luckily this is very easy. If you have set up a Feedback campaign before you know this process – all you need to do differently is use the trigger ‘Click error’ or ‘Click rage.’

If you’ve never set up a Feedback campaign before you can find our guide to it here.

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