How Dignity Elevated Their User Journey and Conversion Rate with Mouseflow

285% increase in page views of key pages

After improving design and clarifying CTAs based on user behavior research

60% more downloads

After optimizing the form

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Dignity is one of the oldest providers of funeral services in the UK. They started back in 1812, and now have more than 3,000 employees serving over 800 local communities nationwide.

Dignity has been present in the digital realm for more than 15 years, having launched their first eCommerce website in 2007, aiming to expand their reach and make their services more accessible. Recently, Dignity has launched a new Dignity Funeral Plans Website, which offers Funeral Plans.

A Funeral Plan is a product that contains several steps, each allowing users to choose from various options in order to guide them towards their ideal, personalized funeral as they want it to be. Upon completing the process, users receive a PDF with a breakdown of their selections, costs, and tailored payment options. The aim of offering Funeral Plans is to share final wishes and at the same time cover costs, so that decision making and financial outlays don’t fall on loved ones when the time eventually comes.

The Roadblocks in Dignity’s Digital User Journey

However, with innovation came a set of unique challenges. The new website was not working as intended, with fewer users than expected reaching the end of the planning process and getting the PDF. The free guide Dignity offered to give additional explanations didn’t see enough downloads either.

To overcome these difficulties, Dignity partnered with Rawnet, a UK based Digital Marketing agency and a Mouseflow certified partner. Together, they set on a journey to optimize the users’ experience, increasing conversions and revenue generated by Dignity’s new initiative.

Rawnet’s Initial Findings Using Mouseflow

Rawnet leveraged the power of Mouseflow to analyze and improve the user experience. They started with setting up conversion funnels and looking at heatmaps to analyze user navigation patterns and uncover areas where users encountered difficulties. The initial findings revealed certain friction points that needed addressing:

  • The homepage seemed not to capture users’ attention as anticipated, failing to guide users to key pages.
  • Users were finding it difficult to navigate through the first question on the /planning page, leading to a high drop-off rate. The complexity of this process was identified as a significant barrier.
  • The free guide that Dignity offered wasn’t downloaded frequently enough, with users dropping off between visiting the free guide form page and completing the form.

To identify the areas that led to higher user frustrations, Rawnet also employed Mouseflow-powered user surveys on exit pages, as well as a post-purchase user survey. These surveys got 135 answers, helping identify the problems that users faced on Dignity’s website.

With these findings in mind, Rawnet started revamping Dignity’s Funeral Plan website design to simplify the user journey and enhance user experience.

Rawnet’s User-Centric Revamp

Firstly, Rawnet simplified the initial planning question, making it easier to answer without additional hesitation.

In addition to that, by looking at individual session recordings in Mouseflow, they figured out that users were often not understanding that they need to accept terms and conditions before proceeding further. So, Rawnet made this step more intuitive as well. This initiative saw a significant decrease in the drop-off rate, which plummeted from a staggering 24% to just 4% within a week of implementation.

Simultaneously, Rawnet turned its attention to the homepage, where low engagement levels were stifling conversions. Through rigorous A/B testing, they crafted a revamped homepage design with clear call-to-actions that intuitively guided the users towards the key pages, making it much easier to progress through the planning journey. They also made sure that call-to-action buttons look clickable and are always visible above the fold, i.e. on the very first screen that the user sees upon opening the website.

Dignity's Funeral Plan Website before (on the left) and after (on the right), with a click heatmap below showing how clicks are focused on the new CTAs

Dignity’s Funeral Plan Website before (left) and after the revamp (right). The heatmap below shows how clicks are now focused on the 3 CTA buttons

This revision significantly improved the visibility and effectiveness of call-to-action buttons, resulting in a dramatic increase in user engagement across both desktop and mobile platforms.

Click through rate (CTR) improvement after the homepage revamp
Visits to /planning page Visits to stories page Visits to the free guide page
Desktop 195% 131% 121%
Mobile 384% 591% 222%

Additionally, by looking at Mouseflow session recordings, Rawnet found out that users visiting the free guide page were not clicking on the button that triggered a popup with a form to download the free guide. So, they optimized the free guide page, offering the download form right on the page instead of in a popup. That resulted in a 60% increase of form completions.

Georgie Wells

Mouseflow helped us pinpoint and resolve user barriers to conversion. We swiftly identified digital product flaws and enhancement opportunities. The Mouseflow funnels feature was crucial for optimizing the complex product spread across multiple URLs.

Georgie Wells l Optimisation Strategist l Rawnet


The collaboration between Dignity, Rawnet, and Mouseflow led to transformative results:

A monumental 285% increase in page views for sections like “/planning,” “free guide,” and “stories” helped significantly improve conversions.

The previously concerning drop-off rate at the initial planning stage saw a reduction of 24 percentage points, a testament to the newfound clarity in the user journey.

The downloads of the free guide went up by 60% thanks to simplifying the user interactions with the form.

Through ongoing efforts and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Dignity has crafted a user-centric digital platform, embodying their commitment to serving their clientele with the utmost respect and efficiency, even in the digital realm.

Company: Dignity
Agency: Rawnet (Certified Mouseflow Partner)
Tools used: Mouseflow,, Google Analytics 4
Features used in Mouseflow: Heatmaps, Session Replay, Conversion Funnels, Feedback Surveys.

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