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The Simple Secret to Skyrocketing the Sales of your Online Business

Consumer habits are changing fast. With the demand towards online shopping skyrocketing, many of the world’s largest companies are re-allocating resources towards optimizing user experience. The traditional consumer behavior of shopping in retail stores has shifted towards a much more efficient, accessible e-commerce experience. Not everyone has the time to go to the mall and spend a couple hours searching the shelves for their specific product.

A prime example of streamlining the shopping experience is Amazon’s one click buying experience. With just one click, a shopper can purchase their product online and have the item sent directly to their house. And, for Amazon, it’s clearly been a profitable decision. Slice Intelligence, an e-commerce research company, reported that Amazon acquired 38% of all dollars spent online between November 1st and December 29th,2016. There’s an insane level of profit potential available in online sales. And, it’s up to your business to ensure you maximize it.


For all businesses small and large, ensuring a smooth, easy online shopping experience will be critical towards increasing sales. If there’s bugs or errors on your website, your business will feel the pain of it. It’s very difficult to re-capture customers who added items to their cart but dropped out due to a site error. It’s an incredibly frustrating experience for an online customer when your site doesn’t function properly.

This is where Mouseflow comes in.

Mouseflow is a web analytics tool used to increase your sales and track the user experience. If there’s a user who unexpectedly drops out of your cart checkout page, Mouseflow will automatically provide you with the necessary data and information to identify what went wrong. Mouseflow records the journey of every customer who visits your site: tracking where users click, scroll, and hover (heatmaps), which pages they spend the most time on, where errors occur, and what pages cause frustration.

For many small businesses, competing with larger brands can become increasingly frustrating. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that your e-commerce platform is as smooth and accessible as possible. Your platform should appear professional, act professionally, and deliver professionally. Mouseflow will identify the areas of your website that aren’t professional. Whether it’s a bug or a button that causes frustration among customers, Mouseflow will flag it.

If your business has a blog that receives a heavy amount of traffic, the funnels feature in Mouseflow provides you with analytics on the journey of every user who visited your site via the blog. How many sales were made off customers who visited your blog post? How many sales were made off customers who were linked to the blog from Facebook? How many sales were made off customers who were linked to the blog from Twitter? This feature helps businesses to properly assess what platforms provide the best return on their promotional dollars.

Mouseflow identifies your most profitable paths of business. We provide you with the necessary data to optimize your site and increase sales. If there’s a form on your checkout page, Mouseflow automatically tracks the conversions/drop-out rate from field to field. What field causes issues for certain customers? Is there an error with a specific field? Is there a back-end coding issue causing users to stumble and dropout? Mouseflow ensures the reliability and functionality of your e-commerce platform, and ultimately, increases sales. Many of the largest online retailers are Mouseflow clients -- as they recognize the value that comes from a functional e-commerce marketplace.

If you’re a small business fighting for a bigger piece of the pie, you need Mouseflow. You need access to the data that will drive your sales. Without Mouseflow, you aren’t achieving your maximum profit potential. With Mouseflow at your side, take advantage of the online shopping revolution and witness your sales skyrocket.

If you run a successful online store, let us know your own tips and tricks for optimizing user experience below. Do you use your own funnels or form analytics reporting? How has it helped provide insight?

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