How Ecooking Enhanced E-commerce Conversion with Heatmaps, Recordings & UX-Reworks

Grow conversions by over 10%

Minimizing website friction, improving read-ability and ensuring a modern customer experience

Adopting a data-centric approach

Driving actionable insights for A/B testing from heatmaps and session recordings from Mouseflow

Ecooking Mouseflow Case

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Thomas Meng

Utilizing Mouseflow as our foundation, we pinpointed optimization opportunities that enabled us to upscale our revenue without escalating our ad spend. This not only optimized our marketing returns but also enriched our customer experience.

Thomas Meng l CMO of Ecooking

Danish skincare brand Ecooking and agency Obsidian Digital aimed to minimize friction, guide users effortlessly, and deliver a prime online experience, subsequently enhancing conversion rates and generating substantial annual revenue.

Founded with a relentless focus on quality and effectiveness, Ecooking emerged from the vision of a passionate Danish producer. Originally hand-filled in a small factory, these products are the epitome of everyday luxury. Within a decade, Ecooking has transformed skincare challenges into solutions, catering to a diverse audience regardless of age or skin type.

Ecooking’s e-commerce platform is a crucial component of their commercial strategy. With a significant portion of their revenue stemming from direct sales, the brand is a pioneer in harnessing the direct-to-consumer business model.

On Ecooking’s platform, every enhancement counts. The brand’s mission is to provide an unparalleled user experience, whether customers are shopping online or searching for a local store.

To realize this vision, Ecooking, in collaboration with a leading Danish marketing agency, harnessed the power of Mouseflow to pinpoint opportunities and elevate their conversion rate through rigorous A/B testing.

Key metrics achieved:
Conversion lift for add to cart
Conversion lift for checkout flow
Monthly sessions analyzed

The conversion rate optimization (CRO) initiative began with integrating Mouseflow via a Google Tag Manager. After analyzing over 450,000 sessions, Mouseflow’s insights revealed pages with the highest friction scores and user issues, such as click and javascript errors.

These insights led to a series of hypotheses on refining the site’s experience and conversion rates. Each hypothesis underwent rigorous testing using a split-test methodology in Google Optimize, ensuring no cross-interference between tests.

Positive tests, exhibiting a “probability to be best” of over 90% in Google Optimize, were subsequently rolled out across the site.

Among the implemented changes were making previously unclickable elements (which users attempted to click on) interactive, refining PDP by utilizing bullet points rather than regular product descriptions and increasing revenue per session by giving the Search-bar a more prominent placement on the site.

Company: Ecooking
Agency: Obsidian Digital (Certified Mouseflow Partner)
Tools Utilized: Google Optimize, Google Tag Manager, Mouseflow
CMS: Shopware
Features used in Mouseflow: Heatmaps, Session Replay, Form Analytics, Friction Score.

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