Allow us to (re)introduce ourselves…

Almost a decade ago, when website analytics was in its infancy, Mouseflow was born. Since the beginning, we’ve been pioneers in the behavior analytics industry and have been leaders in paving the way to digital transformation ever since. 

But digital transformation for us, has always been much more than showing you how many clicks a button got or how many people visited a page. It was about creating a behavior analytics tool that could actually show you why… 

Why users aren’t clicking buttons or visiting specific pages, and then unveiling every unique behavior happening during those user journeys. A single source of truth that even shows you what to prioritize so you can focus on fixing issues instead of finding them. Because if you can’t do that..what’s the point?

We did that. Then throughout the years we’ve been busy enhancing Mouseflow and adding new features as we see our industry and our customers’ needs evolve. Then it hit us. Although we were continually using Mouseflow to optimize our website, the Mouseflow brand had always remained the same.

Redesigns and new beginnings

If you landed here today perhaps you didn’t recognize us. Don’t be alarmed. We’ve introduced an entire new look. A new website and brand identity that encompasses who we are now and where we are going in the future. 

We won’t go into the details of our UX/design thinking and the meaning behind every color palette, design choice, and text treatment. We know you’re busy people. What’s important to us is that you understand that Mouseflow, as a whole, is still the same. The chairs we sit in, the emails we answer, the support we give, and of course the insights we help you surface.

“Since the start we’ve been super focused on enhancing our technology to stand out among our competitors and provide the insights they don’t consider. Because of this, we’ve put our own brand on the back burner. That stops now. There are a lot of developments in motion. With our product, our organization, and beyond. We’ve been at the forefront of digital innovation since our inception and I’m proud to have a brand that now reflects that. Our growth, both past and present.” – Mikkel Wakefield, CEO.

How we got here

While you may think we’ve just changed our website and some visual elements, it’s been so much more than that. Now, the Mouseflow brand reflects us as a whole. It reflects the entire customer experience you get when interacting with us, our product, and our team. The rebrand was not simply cosmetic or based in vanity. It was a cultural revolution from within. Introducing a new chapter in our existence. 

We’ve called on some of you to share your input, provide testimonials, and ultimately help us resonate with other businesses like yours so we can make behavioral analytics accessible to all, no matter the shape or size. We listened. We’ve changed how we look and how we talk so our prospects, customers, and our team can see themselves reflected in the new brand. Because that’s who was instrumental in building it. Collective efforts between us and you. Thank you.

Our commitment remains

As we’ve evolved our product to meet the needs of our 190,000+ customers, our website has not. And boy, were we long overdue for a gut check. We’ve always been proud to give you analytics beyond the norm. Not just one tool with separate features, but an ecosystem that works together to empower teams and drive better, more confident decisions. Don’t worry…we will never stop doing that.

Where we’re going

Beyond our rebrand and website redesign, big things are happening here at Mouseflow, and you’re in for a treat. No matter if you’ve been with us since the beginning or you are looking to get started – we will always be the frontrunners and the mainstay in this industry. We’re so proud to finally have a new brand that reflects those principles and our standing in the marketplace. 

Previously, our website did not present our product to the best of its abilities, and we’re sure you agree. Not only did it not translate how it could be utilized across teams and departments, it didn’t communicate how we provide value across industries. Now it does. 

The beauty of Mouseflow is that it can provide value to any business type. We know because our clients come from a wide range of industries. From automotive, travel, and healthcare to eCommerce, government and finance – we deliver the features and security necessary to impact every industry, and we live for all the ‘aha’ moments you share with us.

We know that running a business at scale, finding a broken button or conversion flow quickly can be the difference between positive or negative ROI. But again, we’re so much more than that. That’s why we still have a lot more up our sleeve. 

This refresh of our brand is only the beginning. It’s merely setting the foundation for what’s to come. Soon, we’ll begin translating our new visual language into the app experience as we continue to release new features and tools to continue empowering our past, present, and future customers.

Stay tuned…

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