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Mouseflow appoints new CEO – founder to move into CTO role

Today, Mouseflow, a fast-growing SaaS platform for website analytics, welcomes Mikkel Wakefield as the company’s new CEO. Mouseflow has had double-digit growth under the founder’s leadership and is now moving into the next growth phase. With Mikkel Wakefield taking over the company will strengthen its commercial focus and efforts to continue their global expansion. Since […]

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The power of Metal

My name is Ara Sadoyan, I'm the founder of OddEye monitoring and anomaly detection platform. Beside our platform, we also provide DevOps as a service to our most valuable clients. Here I want to share some information about one of our great friends and partners Mouseflow and their infrastructure hosted at LeaseWeb. Recently I was reading lots of articles and […]

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7 Tips to Help Startups Grow their Social Media Audience

Marketing on social media can be as essential tool used by startups looking to achieve a greater audience. Here are 7 crucial tips you should consider incorporating into your marketing plans.

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8 Incredible SEO Tools to Skyrocket your Small Business

Search engine optimisation, when properly intensified, can turn out to be a small business’s best friend. Gracing the first few pages of search engines can help a small enterprise establish a lasting brand, expand its territories, and even increase its profits. Here’s 8 incredible SEO tools to help grow your business.

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3 Ways to Utilize Google’s New Extended Text Ads

Earlier this year, Google officially launched its new expanded PPC text ads format. Here’s 3 ways to take advantage of Google’s new release.

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5 Reasons You Should Boost Your E-commerce Site With Visual Elements

First impressions matter online and offline. How can you attract and retain attention to your website? Learn how to effectively utilize visual elements to increase visitor interaction on your site.

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5 Steps to Better B2C Rapport Using Mobile Marketing Automation

Forming a connection with your customer base can take time, but with more millennial customers coming of age in the next few years, finding a fast and effective way to engage the people who can make or break our businesses is more important than ever before. Implementing marketing automation is a smart and innovative marketing strategy you can use to reach out and connect with consumers without doubling your workload.

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5 Ways Live Chat Can Generate More Leads for Your Business

There are only a couple of things that matter more to you as a business owner than your customers and prospects, because after all, the main mission of your business is to grow. If you are not generating leads and missing out on new customers, your business will not be able to complete its mission. Lead generation isn’t just about attracting visitors to your website; it is about qualifying your visitors, capturing their information and engaging with them. For this reason, you always need to be on the lookout for online tools that will help you succeed.

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7 Ways to Start a Business with Great Impact

If you start or run a business, it needs to have impact. We curated a list of the top 7 ways to ensure your business, products, and services thrive.

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eCommerce: Low Cost, High Reward

Operating a physical business or store can be demanding and difficult to get off the ground for many reasons. There are several advantages of eCommerce against brick and mortar stores. Some of these are the direct financial impact of having a virtual store versus a physical location, and other advantages include customer and operations-oriented capabilities that only online services can provide… because of this, eCommerce business operation becomes an extremely attractive option.

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"As a humanitarian organization, we want to know how information reaches our target audience. Mouseflow supports us by providing actionable, valuable, and real-time intelligence as we work with the people who depend on our information."

Gerald Czech
Austrian Red Cross

“Mouseflow makes it easy to get data without having to be a JavaScript expert. Their customer support has helped me every step of the way — from setting up surveys to figuring out how best to analyze results. I recommend Mouseflow to anyone looking to quantify engagement and behavior online!”

Holly Howe
Duke University

"For user experience, Mouseflow's session replay and heatmaps are the perfect complement to our analysis. It helps different departments gather insights quickly and effectively. It is absolutely essential for optimizing our sites."

Team Web-Analytics

"You learn more about users in a week than months of typical U/X testing. Do yourself a favor and start using Mouseflow!"

Nicholas Kreidberg
MTS Systems

“Mouseflow offers us the capability to look into key journeys through the eyes of users. We uncovered handfuls of bugs and previously unknown pain points. We also gathered satisfaction metrics from critical parts of our website. Mouseflow is, without doubt, the best UX service I have used to date and very much a credit to the team who make it all happen!”


“Mouseflow is a great platform to track customer behavior. The funnels are my favorite feature for improving conversions. I also like using forms to isolate issues with specific form fields. It definitely helps the team out!”

Leah Hernandez
ABT Electronics

“We use Mouseflow to improve customer experiences and journeys. It takes the guesswork out of developing a website and enables us to fix problems quickly. It's the best tool because it enables us to be agile and reactive to user experiences.”

Michelle Kay
Certas Energy

“Mouseflow is a good addition to the other analytical tools we use and a good alternative to similar offers. Compared to eye-tracking studies, Mouseflow is faster, cheaper, and much easier to apply to multiple analytical cases. Compared to other session replay tools, Mouseflow does everything we need without the feature bloat and higher costs. And Mouseflow’s customer support is always on time and on target.”

Vodafone Germany
Web Analytics Team