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“Mouseflow is superb when it comes to seeing how people progress through your site. We’ve been able to make many changes that all helped increase sales.”
Mark T
CEO, Marketing & Advertising
Data collection
Some record just a portion of your website visitors, limiting your visibility and potentially yielding inaccurate insights.
We record 100% of your website visitors out of the box.
Setup and configuration
They say it’s easy to get going, but in reality you need extra steps to get all features working properly.
Our code is efficient and effective. Just plug it in your website and automatically record all your website visitors, generate heat maps for all your pages, set up forms analytics, conversion funnels and feedback campaigns.
They make it hard for you to get to the data you want efficiently and quickly.
Your data. Your terms. Filter it, segment it, save it. Dissect it however you want and look back on performance over time.
Hard-to-reach, unresponsive, slow support. Sometimes at a premium cost.
World-class, tech savvy support over chat, phone or email.
Security & Privacy
They have data centers in one country only, making you vulnerable to laws like GDPR and LGDP.
Data centers in USA and EU. Fully privacy compliant with GDPR, LGDP and CCPA. Enterprise-grade security across all accounts.
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