Mouseflow vs. Microsoft Clarity

With Microsoft Clarity you will only get what you pay for. The product is limited at its core, and will constrict you from drawing comprehensive, meaningful and valid insights from your website visitors' behavior. You'll get free session replay with basic playback controls, click heatmaps, filtering and a few friction events.

Mouseflow offers unlimited, instantly-built heatmaps for all your pages and on all its plans, as well as the flexibility to dissect your data any way you want including a proprietary friction score so you can get to fixing your website issues faster. Moreover, Mouseflow makes it easy to gather feedback from your visitors with its campaign features, as well as form analytics to optimize your lead generation forms.

Recording all user sessions right out-of-the box, without further actions
Friction Score & friction events allowing to quickly identify pages with problems 4 Friction events only
6 types of heatmaps on all your pages. Heatmap deashboard
Funnels and form analytics
Automatic JS error tracking

How Mouseflow compares to Clarity


Recording all user sessions right out-of-the box, no further setup required
Recording all users, no sampling
Recordings instantly available for preview
Automatic friction event tracking
Friction score
Break down of the recording with time spent on each page
Downloading session recordings


All pages, no set up required
Live heat maps covering dynamic elements like SPAs, drop down menus, sliders and others
Geo heatmaps (user location heatmaps)
Advanced filtering (friction events, custom variables and more)
Date filtering
Click heatmap
Scroll heatmaps
Movement heatmaps
Attention heatmaps


Ready out of the box after setup
Form analytics
Populating forms with previously collected data
Populating funnels with previously collected data
Filtering (devices, locations, referrer URL and more)
Filtering (UTM tags, custom variable)


Feedback campaigns
JS error tracking
Click-Error & Click-Rage Detection
Phone support
Custom development
Multiple websites per plan
Multiple users per account

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